Outsource your fleet and save money

Operational Leasing 


Fleet management efficiency

Operational leasing is the transfer of the right to use a vehicle or fleet to a commercial company, subject to the payment of a fixed monthly rental, which covers operational costs and other related expenses: insurance, taxes and duties, maintenance, seasonal tyre change, roadside assistance, vehicle replacement, plus other miscellaneous services to be defined by the user.
Basically the financing and management of the car or fleet is outsourced to a specialised service provider.

A complete set of additional services

  • Auto insurance
  • Periodic inspections
  • Roadside assistance
  • Tyre management
  • Replacement car
  • Damage management
  • Fuel management
  • Door to door services

Customised mobility solutions for your company

The corporate rental service is a car rental service exclusively for companies that need to supplement their fleet in the short or medium term and do not want to commit to an operating lease or rental contract for long periods of time.
This service is useful in the case of projects for fixed periods of time, for clients with seasonal increases in activity or for employees who need furniture for probationary periods or delegations and do not have cars allocated from the company fleet.
Thus, if the smooth running of the business requires an additional car or perhaps an entire fleet of cars that is not an operational and financial burden, using the services of a company car rental company can prove to be a beneficial investment.


În general, leasingul operațional poate oferi companiilor mai multă flexibilitate, predictibilitate, în ceea ce privește costurile, dar și o modalitate mai ușoară de a planifica afacerile pe termen lung,  

  • cars are purchased according to customer preferences;
  • the management of the fleet is the responsibility of the leasing company;
  • freedom to choose a leasing period adapted to your needs;
  •  adding or reducing the number of cars according to changes in business needs.

and from a financial-accounting point of view:

  •  optimising cash flow through a fixed rate that makes you 100% rent deductible; 
  • increasing your company’s financing capacity; 
  • the vehicles are no longer registered in your company’s assets;
  •   cash flow becomes more predictable;
  • risks arising from tax and legislative changes are eliminated.

This way, you can concentrate on your time or your business and simply make the most of your operationally leased cars, and at the end of the contract period, the depreciation risk of the used car is fully taken over by the leasing company.